AYM has installed several water features and interactive splash pad systems, we realize the importance and value our customer have invested into their fountains and spray parks, we strive to make ourselves available to assist with any questions or issues our customers have after the systems have been turned over for operations

AYM has continued to work with Vortex as our supplier for interactive spray systems. We have appreciated their availability and support to provide prompt service to our customers and the ability to work with us as part of our team.

MAINTENANCE of Existing Systems

AYM can also provide daily, weekly or monthly maintenance for your Water Feature/ Splash Pad Systems. Maintenance services can include some or all of the following....

  • Water Testing
  • Balancing chemicals to insure optimum water quality
  • Keeping a log at each site of test results and/or chemicals that needed to be added
  • Backwash and clean strainer baskets
  • Skim for any free-floating leaves or debris
  • Vacuum out the basins
  • Seasonal Winterization
  • Pre-Season Start-Up

System Maintenance contracts are specific to your needs. Please call for a free estimate.